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Solving Social Issues through Businesses


OMRON’s business of home-use and professional-use healthcare devices and services essential for healthy and comfortable lives


OMRON’s medium-term management plan, VG2.0, has defined focus domains. One of these is the Healthcare domain, which provides the world with devices and services critical to healthy and active living. Blood pressure management used to be the sole domain of hospitals. Today, OMRON works with healthcare professionals to spread word of home-use digital blood pressure monitors that make measurements easy and accurate. In this way and many more, OMRON will continue to solve social health issues related to cardiovascular disease, respiratory disease, and pain management, contributing to a better future society.

OMRON’s Initiatives to Solve Social Issues

Extending Healthy Life Expectancies and Reducing Health Care Costs

Healthcare costs are rising sharply around the world due to aging populations among developed countries and the increasing lifestyle diseases among emerging economies. The number of people with high blood pressure is on the rise globally, as well as the number of patients with cerebral/ cardiovascular diseases triggered by hypertension accordingly. High blood pressure is a major cause of event onset. Human blood pressure is never constant. It fluctuates continuously, rising in response to stress, alcohol consumption, smoking, sleep apnea, and other conditions. OMRON plays an important role in preventing high blood pressure, offering products and services that ensure everyone receives the best diagnoses and treatment possible. Our devices collect and analyze data about blood pressure, sleep time and quality and activity level. We can even track data related to genetics and environment.

Also, patients with asthma are increasing mainly in emerging economies, due to the worsening of air pollution. Our respiratory disease business, which deals in nebulizers and other products, aids in the early detection and treatment of asthma. Much of our work is in the emerging economies of the world, where a rise in air pollution is making asthma-related spasms even worse. Our pain management business is dedicated to helping people live healthy, active lives. Here, we offer low-frequency therapy equipment and other products to help manage pain without relying on drugs. Our solutions relieve issues with foot, back, and knee pain that tend to hinder everyday activity.
At OMRON, we are proud of our role in helping extend healthy lives, reduce soaring medical costs, and solve other social health issues through the prevention and treatment of lifestyle diseases.

Looking to the Near Future

Personalized Healthcare for Zero Events
Individualized Diagnosis and Treatment Support Services

OMRON is developing sensing devices that collect and analyze a wide range of health-related data from patients. This data includes vital signs, lifestyle data (exercise, diet), medical and genetic data (personal and family health history, etc.), and much more. We are also developing advanced algorithms that use this data to identify the risk of brain and cardiovascular diseases with high precision. We are developing services and applications that use this data to help users reduce salt intake, exercise more, know when to go to the hospital, take their medicine, and provide other reminders and support tailored to the individual’s own characteristics and preferences.
OMRON is changing the notion of personalized medical care through diagnosis and treatment support services used by medical professionals and behavior change support services used by individuals for personal health management.

Social Value

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