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Community Engagement (Corporate Citizenship)

Proactive commitment to community contribution as a responsible corporate citizen

Basic Policy
Promotion System
Community Involvement Activities in Various Fields
Dialogue with Communities

Basic Policy

Promoting proactive involvement with communities as a responsible corporate citizen

Based on a provision regarding community involvement and social contributions as stipulated in the OMRON Group Sustainable Conduct Policies, the OMRON Group promotes community involvement and social contribution activities that are tailored to the needs of each country/region.

OMRON Group Sustainable Conduct Policies:
4-3. Community Involvement and Social Contributions

As a responsible corporate citizen, the OMRON Group will actively promote community involvement and other social contribution activities. When engaging in community activities, the OMRON Group selects themes of activities that suit the culture, social climate or issues of respective countries or regions and are aligned with the OMRON Group's values, resources (financial and human resources, products, facilities, etc.), and expertise (technology, know-how, etc.). Based on this, the Group aims to take the best action available, such as collaboration with communities and related organizations (NGO, NPO and other concerned organizations).

Contributing to communities both directly and indirectly

In conformance with its OMRON Group Sustainable Conduct Policies, the OMRON Group promotes community involvement and social contribution activities both directly and indirectly.

As for direct contributions, OMRON can make maximum use of its characteristics by helping people challenged by disabilities or other limitations to assume more responsible roles in society and achieve fulfillment in life. As such, OMRON makes donations to Japan Sun Industries (Taiyo-no-Ie), an organization dedicated to providing challenged people with work opportunities. OMRON also supports various NGO/NPOs, while also co-sponsoring sporting events for people with disabilities such as the Oita Wheelchair Marathon and the All-Japan Wheelchair Ekiden long-distance relay race.

As part of indirect contributions, OMRON informs employees of volunteer opportunities via intranets and individual office bulletin boards, and encourages them to actively participate in these. Volunteer opportunities include donations to the Plan Japan, an organization supporting children and youth in developing nations, and exchanging letters with them. There are also opportunities to volunteer in the knitting charity project, knitting sweaters for children who suffered emotional or physical damage in disaster areas or areas of conflict throughout the world. Moreover, OMRON solicits volunteers to help organize and manage the Japan Sun Industries summer festival and sporting events for challenged people. By encouraging employees to participate in these contributions, OMRON aims to create synergies between direct and indirect contributions.

Promotion System

Promoting self-reliant community contributions based on awareness of corporate citizenship

At OMRON, Global Human Resources and Administration HQ is tasked with managing social contributions and community involvement activities of the entire OMRON Group. Based on this system, all OMRON Group employees are encouraged to develop awareness as corporate citizens and address social issues on their own initiative.

In addition to individual employee’s participation, OMRON designates the scope of volunteer efforts as group-wide, multiple-site, or site-specific according to the theme of the activity so as to efficiently promote contribution programs at the appropriate scales.

OMRON also provides its Group employees with the opportunity to engage in community contribution activities on their own initiatives, by allowing them to take part in activities planned by each site during regular working hours.

Community activities and donations organized in Japan, the Americas, Europe/Middle East/Africa, Greater China, and Asia Pacific are compiled by Global Human Resources and Administration HQ, which then posts them on intranets. By sharing information regarding a wide range of social contribution activities conducted across the global OMRON Group, employees are encouraged to engage in social contributions on their own initiative and using their private time.

Community Involvement Activities in Various Fields

Donations for supporting persons with disabilities, science and technology, social welfare, disaster aid and other areas

OMRON’s donations are mainly made to the areas related to improving QOL (quality of life) for persons with disabilities and supporting their active involvement in society. OMRON also strictly and objectively evaluates the effects of the donations, so as to make the donations more effective.

In fiscal 2018, OMRON’s community involvement expenditures totaled 642 million yen for a wide range of fields including science and technology, social welfare, and disaster relief, as well as corporate individually-organized social contribution programs.

Community Involvement Expenditures by Field

Social contribution activities in various fields (FY2018)

Science & Technology

  • The Tateisi Science and Technology Foundation finalized fiscal 2019 grant recipients (53 research projects and six international interchange programs), making an announcement at the 30th Tateisi Science and Technology Foundation Grant Award Ceremony.
  • OMRON co-sponsored the Science Lab program (outside workshops) offered by the Osaka Science & Technology Center to promote and offer science and technology education.

Social Welfare

  • OMRON sponsored the 38th Oita International Wheelchair Marathon at which 66 employees served as volunteers.
  • OMRON sponsored the 30th All-Japan Ekiden Long-Distance Wheelchair Relay Race at which 30 employees served as volunteers. As a continuous sponsor since the first All-Japan Ekiden Long-distance Wheelchair Relay Race, OMRON received a special certificate of appreciation from the event executive committee.

    Receiving a Certificate of Appreciation From the Executive Committee

    Receiving a Certificate of Appreciation From the Executive Committee

  • OMRON sponsored the KIDS Project at which 10 employees served as volunteers.

Arts & Culture

  • OMRON has been a sponsor of the OMRON Cultural Forum (hosted by the NHK Kyoto Culture Center) since 1989. During fiscal 2018, we co-hosted six events (events 327 through 332).
  • OMRON sponsored the OMRON Pipe Organ Concert Series hosted by the Kyoto Concert Hall.

International Cooperation

  • OMRON has been a continuous sponsor of a project to donate knitted items to the children of the world (organized by MS&AD Unison Smile Club) since 1994. During fiscal 2018, OMRON donated 36 hand-knitted sweaters, 14 hats, and eight scarves.
  • OMRON has provided financial support to the Plan Sponsorship (donations and letter exchange with children in developing countries organized by Plan International Japan) on a continuous basis since 1996. During fiscal 2018, 20 OMRON Group employees exchanged letters with and observed the development of 10 children.

Environmental Activities

  • OMRON engaged in forest preservation activities, collecting donations through our Kyoto, Tokyo, and Kusatsu locations during fiscal 2018 to support forest preservation programs.

Local Community Activities

  • The Kyoto OMRON Community Foundation held an awards ceremony recognizing one individual and two organizations as fiscal 2019 Kyoto Humanitarian Award winners.

Dialogue with Communities

Dialogue with Communities

With the aim of serving as a valued corporate citizen, the OMRON Group strives for harmonious coexistence with local communities. The Group not only complies with all applicable laws and rules but also respects local culture and customs. Proactive communication with local people and organizations is also promoted in order to build relations of mutual trust.

As a part of the efforts and to express the OMRON Group's gratitude to local communities for their daily support and cooperation, Group employees in Japan started community contribution activities in 1991 on every May 10th, its Founder's Day. In 1995, all OMRON Group employees worldwide started participating in the OMRON Group Founder's Day community contribution activities.

Starting 2016, without limiting the day only to the Founder's day, employees can engage in the activities on the other days, determining what to do and when through engagement with local communities, to meet the needs of the communities. Doing so has allowed the Group to upgrade the initiatives to help solve even more local issues.

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