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Proactive commitment to community contribution as a responsible corporate citizen

Basic Policy
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Basic Policy

Basic Policy

Promoting proactive involvement with communities as a responsible corporate citizen

Based on a provision regarding community involvement and social contributions as stipulated in the OMRON Group Sustainable Conduct Policies, the OMRON Group promotes community involvement and social contribution activities that are tailored to the needs of each country/region.

OMRON Group Sustainable Conduct Policies:
4-3. Community Involvement and Social Contributions

As a responsible corporate citizen, the OMRON Group will actively promote community involvement and other social contribution activities. When engaging in community activities, the OMRON Group selects themes of activities that suit the culture, social climate or issues of respective countries or regions and are aligned with the OMRON Group's values, resources (financial and human resources, products, facilities, etc.), and expertise (technology, know-how, etc.). Based on this, the Group aims to take the best action available, such as collaboration with communities and related organizations (NGO, NPO and other concerned organizations).

Among all the initiatives, we particularly focus on the three areas that are aligned with the company’s business drivers to leverage our strength and maximize impact on beneficiaries; social welfare with emphasis on diversity promotion, science and technology and health promotion.

Our three focus areas

1. Welfare

We aim to improve QOL for persons with disabilities by encouraging diversity in society. For example, we provide support for Japan Sun Industries, a social welfare service corporation that creates work opportunities for persons with disabilities. We also contribute funds to NPOs and NGOs in this field.

In Indonesia, we are developing a low-cost moving prosthesis that incorporates OMRON electric motors, transmissions, and spring components for the more than 3 million people who are disabled due to lower-limb amputations.

(Link to Ratio of employees with disabilities - OMRON Group in Japan)

We support sports activities for persons with disabilities, including the Oita International Wheelchair Marathon and the Emperor’s Cup National Wheelchair Ekiden (relay race), and we sponsor opportunities for schools supporting people with disabilities at the Osaka Science & Technology Center.

2. Science and Technology

We support initiatives through the Tateisi Science and Technology Foundation and provide opportunities such as Technology Foundation, Control Technology Education Camps for vocational high school students and a series of lectures at universities by leveraging our strength.

3. Health Promotion

Aiming to raise health awareness and educate people about the negative impact of high blood pressure, we provide support for blood pressure measurement events in nearly 100 countries around the world. As part of our efforts, we have donated more than 30,000 blood pressure monitors to the International Society of Hypertension (ISH) and the World Hypertension League (WHL) since fiscal 2017.

In Japan, we started and co-organized the Kagayaki (Sparkling) School in 2018 to provide next-generation high school students with the free opportunity to gain a correct understanding of women’s health. We visited a total of seven schools in fiscal 2022.

In India, we collaborate with an NGO to develop smart toilets utilizing our technology. Smart toilets encourage proper sanitation among rural populations to prevent infectious diseases, including cholera and typhoid fever.

In addition, we deepen an understanding of social welfare activities within our employees by publicizing volunteer activities internally and providing opportunities for employees to volunteer.

Promotion Structure

Promoting self-reliant community contributions based on awareness of corporate citizenship

The OMRON Group is engaging with social contributions and community involvement activities through the leadership of Global Human Resources and Administration HQ. All OMRON Group employees are encouraged to develop awareness as corporate citizens and address social issues on their own initiative.

The Group provides its employees with the opportunity to engage in community contribution activities on their own initiatives, by allowing them to take part in activities planned by each site during regular working hours. As more employees are working at home in recent years, the Group now flexibly offers programs that can be joined online as well.

Community activities and donations organized in Japan, the Americas, Europe/Middle East/Africa, Greater China, and Asia Pacific are compiled by Global Human Resources and Administration HQ, which then posts them on intranets. By sharing information regarding a wide range of social contribution activities conducted across the global OMRON Group, employees are encouraged to engage in social contributions on their own initiative and using their private time.

Community Involvement Activities in Various Fields

Donations for supporting persons with disabilities, science and technology, social welfare, disaster aid and other areas

OMRON’s donations are mainly made to the areas related to improving QOL (quality of life) for persons with disabilities and supporting their active involvement in society. OMRON also strictly and objectively evaluates the effects of the donations, so as to make the donations more effective.

In fiscal 2022, OMRON’s community involvement expenditures totaled 616 million yen for a wide range of fields including science and technology, social welfare, and disaster relief, as well as corporate individually-organized social contribution programs.

Community Involvement Expenditures by Field

Social contribution activities in various fields (FY2022)

Science & Technology

  • The Tateisi Science and Technology Foundation decided on fiscal 2022 grant recipients: 47 research projects and 29 international interchange programs.
  • OMRON co-sponsored the Science Lab program offered by the Osaka Science & Technology Center to visit children with disabilities and hospitalized children, aiming to promote science and technology education.

Health Promotion

  • We donated over 28,000 blood pressure monitors in total to International Society of Hypertension (ISH) and World Hypertension league (WHL) since fiscal 2017.
  • In Japan, we have been participating the Kagayaki (Sparkling) school since 2018, a program to raise high-school students' awareness toward women's health. The program is open to male students as well, helping them understand the female body and build relationships of mutual caring, respect, and help. We visited seven schools in Japan in fiscal 2022.
  • Assisted the Korean Society of Hypertension (KSH) in publishing "Guidelines for Home Blood Pressure Management" via affiliated organizations. Conducted numerous research and educational activities targeting healthcare professionals and general consumers to establish home blood pressure measurement in Korea, and further, to create an environment where blood pressure data measured at home can be used for diagnosis, treatment, and management of hypertension.
  • Organized a global program to help physicians and medical professionals from Southeast Asian countries learn the latest findings on hypertension management and respiratory diseases. We held the program nine times in India during fiscal 2021, with approximately 1,900 participants. We held the program 13 times in Indonesia, with approximately 7,000 participants, including online participants.

Social Welfare

  • OMRON sponsored the Oita International Wheelchair Marathon in Japan. The Games started in 1981, the International Year of Disabled Persons, as the world's first wheelchair-only marathon for the disabled. In fiscal 2022, 51 OMRON employees supported the games as volunteers.

Arts & Culture

  • OMRON has been sponsoring the OMRON Pipe Organ Concert Series hosted by the Kyoto Concert Hall.

Environmental Activities

  • In our fiscal 2022 forest conservation activities in Japan, we conducted weed removal at the Yasu site. Our nature beautification activities included the beautification of Odaiba Seaside Park at the Tokyo site, the pine forest cleanup at Maizuru Kanzaki Beach at the Ayabe site, the Kamo River cleanup activities around Shichijo Ohashi Bridge at the Kyoto site, and the Matsunase Coastal cleanup activities in Matsusaka City at the Matsusaka site.

Local Community Activities

  • The Kyoto OMRON Community Foundation recognized two organizations as fiscal 2022 Kyoto Humanitarian Award winners.
  • The OMRON handball team, “OMRON Pindys” participated in an event organized by the Yamaga Children's Cafeteria as part of the "Food Drive" initiative, which collects food from households and businesses that has attracted attention as a result of activities to reduce food loss and provides it free of charge to welfare organizations and people requiring support for daily life. Food products and beverages within the best-by date collected during the league matches in fiscal 2022 were distributed free of charge to children.

Dialogue with Communities

Dialogue with Communities

With the aim of serving as a valued corporate citizen, we at the OMRON Group strive for harmonious coexistence with local communities. We not only comply with all applicable laws and rules. We respect local culture and customs, and promote proactive communication with local people and organizations to build relations of mutual trust.

As a part of the efforts and to express the OMRON Group's gratitude to local communities for their daily support and cooperation, Group employees in Japan started community contribution activities in 1991 on every May 10th, our Founder's Day. In 1995, all OMRON Group employees worldwide started participating in community contribution activities on the day.

Starting 2016, without limiting to the Founder's Day, employees can engage in the activities on the other days, determining what to do and when through engagement with local communities, to meet the needs of the communities. Doing so has allowed us to upgrade the initiatives to help solve even more local issues.

With the COVID-19 pandemic taking hold since the end of 2019, we have empowered employees to engage in voluntary community services, both remotely and in person.

Our activities outside Japan include support to low-income elderly people who live alone in South Korea. Local headquarter and Group company employees participated in the year-round activities at a free meal site. Many employees took on month-by-month roles such as purchasing food, cooking, serving food, washing dishes, and cleaning the inside and outside of the cafeteria. We additionally donated OMRON digital blood pressure monitors to the site and held seminars to correctly measure blood pressure, thereby contributing to health promotion in the local community as well.

  • [Japan] Cleanup operation in the area around OMRON Relay & Devices Corporation's factory
  • [China] Tree-planting in Shanghai
  • [Asia Pacific] East Coast Beach cleaning in Singapore
  • [Europe] Assisting with weeding and other tasks at a special care home for the elderly in the Netherlands
  • [Americas] Bagging fruits and vegetables distributed to those in need of food in Los Angeles
  • [South Korea] Employees supporting a free lunch center for elderly people living alone

OFI (OMRON Foundation Inc.)

A non-profit organization OFI (OMRON Foundation Inc.) was established in 1989.
OMRON Group companies in North America (the United States and Canada) contribute part of their annual sales to OFI as funds, to provide support in the areas of disaster relief, disability aid, education and medical care. The foundation distributed $493,000 in fiscal 2022, bringing the total amount given away since the foundation was founded to over $15 million.

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