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Conducting a global employee survey (Engagement Survey)

Conducting a global employee survey (Engagement Survey)

Our employees are responsible for supporting sustainable growth, and OMRON Group believes that it is essential to create an environment in which they all understand and agree with the directionality of the company, and in which they can maximize their motivation and ability to make this a reality.
Accordingly, from 2016, management has put in place the "VOICE (VG OMRON Interactive Communication with Employees)" global employee engagement survey with the aim of directly listening to employees to identify issues and to address these.

The survey in 2017 brought to light a number of management issues, and so in fiscal 2018, we promoted dialogue between management and employees, improved IT infrastructure, conducted a 360degree feedback survey to measure the degree to which management is acting with OMRON Principles, and introduced an internal application and recruitment scheme in order to provide opportunities for employees to be active, while respecting their will and motivations.

The fiscal 2018 survey found that since last year, scores for identifying with the Omron Principles, understanding and awareness of the VG2.0 medium-term management plan and organizational goals, and practice of integrity and ethics have been high. These are the strengths of the OMRON Group, and we feel that looking forward these need to be maintained and given full importance.

However, as in the previous survey, many employees wanted to improve business efficiency, and we reaffirmed that this is an issue requiring our attention in resolving in order that employees and the company can grow together. In order to improve business efficiency and bring about a work environment in which employees can be more active, in addition to improving the IT infrastructure, we also will review rules and business processes, and promote communication reforms throughout the organization worldwide.

Overview of Fiscal 2018 Engagement Survey

Survey target
*All global employees
(excluding production operators)
23,920 global employees
Number of respondents (response rate) 20,161 (84.3%)
Number of questions 76 questions in 16 categories, and free comments
Number of languages 21 (all conducted through an online survey)
Number of free comments 8,496
Engagement score (SEI*) 70 (-1 from previous year)
Top three categories Practice of integrity and ethics: 77 (+1 from previous year)
Identifying with the Omron Principles, Understanding of VG2.0, and organizational goals: 75 (+2 from previous year)
Direct superior: 73 (no change from previous year)
Bottom three categories Business efficiency: 49 (no change from previous year)
Performance management: 54 (no change from previous year)
Talent & career development: 61 (no change from previous year)
  • * SEI (Sustainable Engagement Index): A comprehensive indicator that indicates whether a company or organization is in a position to maintain a desire for contribution, and that comprises questions with a strong correlation to business growth.

"The KURUMAZA" meeting facilitates direct communication between the CEO and employees

"The KURUMAZA," a forum of communication between the CEO and employees, was organized and has been implemented regularly for the purposes of strengthening mutual understanding and making the OMRON Principles the driver for OMRON’s growth.

An employee who participated in the meeting remarked, “It gave me a good opportunity to meet the CEO in person while recognizing the importance of the OMRON Principles and the need for a corporate culture that encourages discussions.” Another participant said, “The CEO gave me specific advice for solving some problems I had with my daily work.”

According to Yoshihito Yamada, President and CEO, this initiative helped him to “become aware of the situations and issues confronting staff members working at the business frontline, as well as their viewpoints and concerns, while also letting them get to know me better.” He also hopes that this meeting will provide a forum for participants to freely exchange opinions and share issues regarding their workplace and their personal visions. He believes that direct communication with employees will also provide him with a great deal of energy. He plans to continue engaging with the “KURUMAZA” meeting in global sites.

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