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Basic Policy
Employee Health Management

Basic Policy

Basic Policy

Employee Health and Productivity Management Declaration

The OMRON Group unveiled the declaration and program in light of a long-held commitment to solving social issues by putting the OMRON Principles into practice. The Group considers it is essential to maintain the vitality and enhance the potential of diverse talents to drive ongoing innovation that addresses the challenges of a fast-changing world.

The OMRON Group regards employees’ health maintenance and improvement as indispensable for the development of the Group as well, and thus formulated “Employee Health and Productivity Management* Declaration”.

OMRON Employee Health and Productivity Management Declaration

OMRON aims to be a pioneer in creating social needs, and the health of our employees is accordingly fundamental to our business. We OMRON Group will unite to do our utmost to create positive working environments full of smiles and vitality so all of our people can innovate to solve various social issues.

Junta Tsujinaga
President and CEO

  • *Health and Productivity Management is a registered trademark of the Nonprofit Organization Kenkokeiei.

Activity Policy

Our health and productivity management activity policy consists of three axes.
The first is to foster innovative people and organizations. We endeavor to create environments that encourage a positive attitude in taking on challenges and that make work rewarding and enjoyable.

The second is to foster states of mental and physical health for employees to enjoy their lives. We encourage employees to lead health-conscious lifestyles and enjoy not only their work, but also their personal hobbies and community activities.

The third is to fill the company with employees who will continue to be active in society, even after they graduate from OMRON. If these employees maintain and improve their health, they will remain active in the future and lead fulfilling lives while contributing to society.

Health and Productivity Management Evolves into Human Capital Management

OMRON has been promoting the health and well-being of its employees companywide with the aim of reducing future health risks. OMRON's health and productivity management initiatives will continue to evolve into human capital management aimed at improving human creativity*. It is a transformation from practicing traditional health promotion to building a foundation for each individual to continue to fulfill his or her potential. OMRON actively invests in human resources who take on the challenge of solving new social issues and creating value and creates environments in which each employee can continue to utilize his or her diverse and versatile personality and abilities to the fullest extent.

  • *Human creativity: Value added from sales minus variable costs divided by labor costs.

Health and Productivity management strategy map

In our pursuit of health and productivity management, we created a health and productivity management strategy map to identify health issues that will lead to the solutions for management issues. We will incorporate these issues into measures and specific initiatives. By clarifying our health and productivity management strategy and story in this way, we enhance the effectiveness of our initiatives.

Promotion Structure

The specific activities of us at the OMRON Group for employee health are based on annual goals and plans. The Board of Directors monitors and supervises these goals and plans based on reports of content and progress.

The division responsible for health and productivity management works with professionals such as industrial physicians and industrial health staff. The division also coordinates with the health insurance association to resolve issues to achieve the targets across the entire organization.

In order to accelerate these health and productivity management initiatives, we have established unique standards*1 for the placement of industrial physicians, nursing staff, counselors, and other occupational health staff that surpass those mandated in laws and regulations, and have put in place a detailed health management service they can respond to the needs of every employee.

Additionally, employee health information is consolidated in a health management system*2 which lets medical staff, health supervisors, and leaders assigned to each division share information necessary for their roles.

  • *1:Standard with which one public health nurse is assigned to locations with 300 or more employees.
  • *2:A system for managing health information such as periodic employee health checkups, interviews with doctors, and results of stress checks using occupational health staff, as well as work hours and leave hours, and information regarding employment measures.

Health and Productivity Management Promotion Framework (Japan)

  • *Boost 5:We selected five factors related directly to the ability to concentrate at work and live a fulfilled life (exercise, sleep, mental health, nutrition, smoking). Under this program, we focus on improving employee ability to concentrate based on these factors.

Health and Productivity Management Boost 5

Maintaining and improving employee health energizes organizations

In promoting health and productivity management, OMRON has established its own company-wide Boost 5 indicators, which are not limited to disease prevention and improvement, but are also directly linked to a fulfilling life in which employees can fully concentrate in the workplace and enjoy their personal lives. Boost 5 refers to (1) exercise, (2) sleep, (3) mental health, (4) food, and (5) tobacco (stop smoking), all of which are essential for improving concentration and performance.

Five indicators to support health promotion

In order to increase the number of employees who can achieve even one additional indicator, we are promoting the Boost 5 initiative both in terms of events aimed at spreading the Boost 5 concept and in terms of creating an environment in which employees can link it to healthy behavior without requiring any special attention. As a result, the level of penetration of health and productivity management within the company has steadily increased, exceeding 90% for the entire the Group.

Trends in Internal Penetration of Health and Productivity Management

Focused health promotion activities in FY2022: Food

OMRON has established themes to focus on during each fiscal year in order to achieve each of the Boost 5 indicator targets. The results for Boost 5 achievement show a decreasing trend in the percentage of individuals who achieve the food indicator (BMI 18.5 to less than 25). In particular, the COVID-19 pandemic has led to an increase in remote work and lifestyle changes resulting from people voluntarily choosing to stay home. As a result, there was a sharp increase in obesity cases in 2020, and this upward trend has continued. For this reason, in fiscal 2022, we focused on the theme of food and implemented initiatives aimed at eliminating stay-at-home weight gain.

  • *BMI is a universal measure of obesity. In epidemiological terms, the lowest probability of developing illnesses is associated with a BMI of 22. It is known that a BMI over 25 more than doubles the risk of lifestyle-related diseases such as dyslipidemia, diabetes, and hypertension.

Major efforts to maintain and improve healthy behaviors

A total of 2,469 employees participated in online seminars conducted by in-house nurses on the topics of improving diet and maintaining proper weight. A total of 26 seminars were held from May to July, covering topics that were combined with Boost 5 indicators. These topics included reviewing nutrition and eating behavior, metabolic acceleration training, and the relationship between obesity and sleep, which were combined with Boost 5 indicators. In each session, different nurses interacted with participating employees and gave them health tips that could be put into practice immediately. The final session was led by the chief occupational physician, who taught about diet methods. The results of the participant survey (67% response rate) indicated that 95% of respondents were satisfied with the seminars and 80% said they could improve their behavior, indicating a certain level of effectiveness. After the conclusion of the seminars, an archived stream was made available to enable more employees to watch.

Sport & health initiatives

To maintain an appropriate weight and prevent obesity, we promoted measures for continuous exercise in daily life along with a review of dietary habits. We published radio calisthenics videos and held weight training seminars online to provide employees with exercise options that they could engage in despite a continuance of the stay-at-home lifestyle that includes teleworking and limited travel outside the house. Furthermore, to create an environment that facilitates employee participation in Om-Walk (Om as in OMRON), an in-house walking event that has traditionally been held as an employee health promotion activity, we introduced a new app and worked to make exercise a habit (there were a total of 2,144 participants).

In addition to efforts to improve dietary habits and promote exercise, we implemented a wide variety of initiatives aimed at addressing obesity and maintaining a healthy weight. These included a weight measurement challenge event sponsored by the health insurance association, and the display of Boost 5 health awareness posters. As a result, the percentage of obese individuals, which had been rising year after year, decreased by 0.1 points, indicating a flattening of the trend. The achievement rate of dietary indicators also increased by 0.3 percentage points, indicating an improving trend.

Visible Boost 5 results and data usage

For the evaluation of Boost 5, we incorporate indicators such as employee health and performance from a business operations perspective and analyze and evaluate the relationship between them. As shown in the graph, employees who achieve more of the five Boost 5 indicators tend to be in better health and aware of their high performance. This trend has remained consistent every year since we implemented the health and productivity management initiative.

Relationship between Boost 5 achievement and health status

Based on health checkups, medical claim data, and Boost 5 survey results *As of July 2022.

Relationship between Boost 5 achievement and performance

According to the results of the Boost 5 survey *As of July 2022

Furthermore, when we analyzed high-performing and highly work-engaged employees based on their utilization of health promotion initiatives, it was found that the group that responded that they actively use the knowledge gained from the various Boost 5 initiatives in their work and health promotion tended to demonstrate a higher percentages of high performance and work engagement.

Relationship between utilization of health promotion measures and performance and work engagement

From the results of the stress check and Boost 5 survey *As of July 2022

  • Note 1:Performance is measured by the WHO-HPQ (World Health Organization Health and Work Performance Questionnaire), which measures presenteeism
  • Note 2:Work engagement is measured on an original scale developed by the stress check contractor.
  • Note 3:The criteria for high performance and high work engagement are based on the results of OMRON's company-wide stress check and Boost 5 survey.

Major Boost 5 initiatives and indicator trends over time

Boost 5's health promotion efforts have been implemented by selecting focus themes for each fiscal year, and the number of employees achieving the target indicators has been increasing year by year.
Then, each fiscal year, we review our health and productivity management initiatives and publish results and future challenges on our internal health and productivity management website in order to raise employee health awareness. In addition, the achievement status for Boost 5 indicators is relayed back to each employee, and employees who achieve all indicators are recognized as health practitioners who are known as Boost 5 Meisters.

Main Boost 5 initiatives and their transition over time
Focus Themes FY2019:
Mental Health
Major Initiatives ●Smoking banned throughout the company
●Quit smoking marathon
●Promote the spread of radio calisthenics
●Online fitness
●Self-care practice event
●Online seminars
●Weigh-in challenge
Percentage of indicators achieved for each item

According to the results of the Boost 5 survey

  • *Prior to 2021, the indicator for mental health was defined as having a "Mental Toughness Score of 55 or above." However, starting in 2022, it was revised to a subjective measure that individuals can assess and reflect upon themselves, focusing on whether they are "able to effectively cope with mental stress."

[Longitudinal Analysis] Relationship between Boost 5 and Health Age

In order to make our initiatives more effective, OMRON uses data gathered over time to verify the relationship between the effectiveness of Boost 5 health measures and the improvement status of issues it wants to solve through health and productivity management.

We found that the group that continued to achieve three or more Boost 5 indicators across all organizations for the past five years (2018-2022) had a healthy age in 2021 that was about three years younger than their actual age. Compared to the group with two or fewer Boost 5 achievement indicators, health age also tended to be significantly lower than actual age.

  • *"Health Age" is a new indicator developed by JMDC Corporation, which expresses an individual's overall health status in terms of age based on the results of health checkups, etc.

Focus on exercise in FY2023

For Health and Productivity Management Boost 5 measures, we are evaluating results and verifying effectiveness, identifying new issues, and promoting initiatives through the PDCA cycle. Based on the historical trends of Boost 5, we have recognized that the achievement rate for exercise has remained below half and is a reason for concern. In fiscal 2023, we are emphasizing the importance of "exercise" and implementing initiatives that promote and improve the ability to maintain healthy behaviors.

According to the results of the Boost 5 survey

Initiatives Based on Laws and Regulations

Creating a workplace that supports both physical and mental health

In an effort to create a workplace that supports both physical and mental health, all group companies in Japan conduct organizational assessments and workplace interviews based on various health checkups and stress checks, as well as activities to improve the workplace environment with the support of the occupational health staff.

OMRON Corporation has maintained a 100% rate of regular health checkups since initiating its health and productivity management program. Thanks to Boost 5 initiatives and encouragement from medical professionals, employees are more aware of their health and we have seen improvement in various indicators of health and productivity management, such as the participation rate in additional follow-up medical examinations and participation in specific health guidance. We aim to further increase the screening rate of follow-up examinations from fiscal 2023 by strengthening cooperation among the human resources department, health insurance unions, and medical professionals, as well as by encouraging employees from the management side. The overall group (domestic) inspection rate for stress checks in fiscal 2022 was 96.0% (10,995 of the 11,448 eligible employees who have already received the checks).

OMRON Health Promotion Indicators
  FY2020 FY2021 FY2022
Percentage receiving periodic medical checkups 100% 100% 100%
Percentage receiving follow-up medical checkups 37.0% 53.5% 60.8%
Participation rate in specific health guidance (Employees that attended the initial interview) 61.2% 67.0% 66.2%
Completion rate of specific health guidance 54.9% 62.1%

Workplace Stress Management

Amongst social unrest from COVID-19, the percentage of highly stressed employees at OMRON Corporation increased slightly from 6.5% in fiscal 2020, to 6.9% in fiscal 2021, and 7.0% in fiscal 2022. We recognize this trend as an issue and are currently working on stress management in the workplace.

The participation rate in fiscal 2022 for self-care training that utilized e-learning, which has been provided annually since fiscal 2017, was 97.0% for the entire Group (Japan) (10,670 of the 10,995 eligible employees participated). Furthermore, the e-learning program for line care training for managers and supervisors, which was piloted in fiscal 2021, was officially launched in fiscal 2022, with a participation rate of 96.6% (1,401 eligible employees, 1,354 participants), up about 10 percentage points from 86.8% the previous year.

We have established a system with multiple counseling stations to promote mental health care. In-house occupational health staff, including occupational physicians, nurses, and counselors, provide individual consultation services to employees and supervisors, and all employees have access to an outside counseling agency that is available 24 hours a day.

In addition, we not only conduct stress checks, but also utilize the results of group analysis to improve the work environment at each workplace. Through continuous improvement activities, we aim to enhance the prevention of mental health issues and create a healthy workplace filled with smiles and vitality.

Company-wide efforts for a smoke-free environment

In April 2020, we at the OMRON Group (in Japan) institutionalized a no-smoking policy during working hours (including lunch breaks) in accordance with employment regulations. In preparation for this company-wide non-smoking policy, we have been engaged in gradual workplace environment changes at every work location since fiscal 2019. In addition, as a measure to support smoking cessation and in cooperation with health insurance societies, we held a company-wide anti-smoking event, the Smoking Cessation Marathon.

Even after a company-wide smoking ban, we have continued with measures to support smoking cessation, mainly through our health insurance association. As a result, the company-wide smoking rate has been declining steadily, recording 15.7% as of July 2022.

Women’s health

To improve health literacy for health issues specific to women, we held an online seminar to support working women's health with the cooperation of the OMRON Health Insurance Association (Held February-March 2023: 270 participants). In addition to conducting basic seminars on the topic of menopause, we organized panel discussions led by gynecologists to give participants an opportunity to receive specific advice from doctor in response to their questions and concerns. A questionnaire survey after the seminar (response rate: 79%), showed that almost all respondents were satisfied with the seminar (97%) and answered that they could use the information learned there for self-care (97%).

Encouraging the health of older employees

A total of 10 online health seminars were held in fiscal 2022 for employees aged 56-59 and their spouses/partners (a total of 556 employees participated). The seminars focused on maintaining and improving healthy behaviors and achieving a healthy and fulfilling life in the future. We aggregated the results of preliminary self-checks on three aspects of health (physical, mental, and social), including physical fitness tests, Boost 5, and well-being questionnaires. During the seminars, we provided feedback to participants and shared common challenges and strategies to improve each aspect of health. From the results of the participants' questionnaire (with a response rate of 93%), the most frequent comments related to an awareness of declining physical fitness and the desire to engage in exercise. The seminars received a 4.3 rating for comprehensibility and 4.1 for satisfaction on a 5-point scale.

Preventing group infections and hazards to health

In the OMRON Group (within Japan), employees are required to report infectious diseases as a part of day-to-day health management, and thus prevent workplace outbreaks through awareness-raising activities regarding their prevention.

Additionally, we have decided upon Global New Infectious Disease Control Guidelines as a Group. In the event of new strains of influenza and other diseases that could pose a serious health hazard to the lives of employees and their families, we will respond using these guidelines.

In response to the recent COVID-19 pandemic, a group-wide task force was quickly established. In response to laws, policies, directives, and guidance by the governments of each country, we have implemented telecommuting instructions and controlled the number of employees coming to work while fulfilling our responsibility to supply products and services. We extended the same requests to not only our employees but also to the temporary employees and contract employees working in our company aiming to ensure the health and safety of those individuals and their families.

Based on government policies, we at the Group in Japan began work-site vaccinations in fiscal 2021. A total of 7,854 employees and persons related to the Group received two vaccinations, with 5,634 receiving a third.

Promotion of work style options

Maintaining and promoting the health of all employees, demonstrating creativity, and improving productivity are all connected to creating sustainable growth for both individuals and the company, and therefore we are working to reform work styles.

[Target indicators]
Total actual working hours

Continuing to improve the productivity of employees working a total of 1,800-hour level

Group employees worked an average of 1,910 hours in fiscal 2022, slightly over of the target level of 1,800 to 1,899 hours. On the other hand, the global recovery in demand and the shortage of parts and materials led to an increased sense of busyness during the year, particularly in the sales and production departments. As each department continued efforts to improve productivity, total working hours did not experience a significant rebound and improved steadily compared to previous years.
- Total actual working hours: 2,009 hrs in FY2014 to 1,910 hrs in FY2022
- OMRON Group companies in Japan

[Details of initiatives]
We at OMRON are promoting flexible work styles, and from 2010 have been taking measures such as setting no overtime days, and having five consecutive paid holidays. From 2015, we have been further developing these initiatives, launching the following measures;

(1) Expand opportunities to improve and acquire capabilities, for added value
  • ·Expansion of e-learning opportunities
  • ·Support for expensive external learning opportunities
  • ·Support for internal study meetings
  • ·Holding of company-sponsored seminars outside of work hours, and more
(2) Prepare workplace infrastructure for productivity
  • ·Introduction of a home office system (a telecommuting-centered work style in which employees work from home as their office) in FY2022
  • ·Introduction of a side job system in FY2022
  • ·Eliminated core time requirements from the flextime program, adopting a super-flextime program in FY2021
  • ·Introduction of telecommuting: Abolished eligibility limit in FY2019, eliminated maximum allowable days in FY2021
  • ·Satellite office usage
  • ·Introduction of hourly based paid leave: Expanded eligibility in FY2019
  • ·Adopted shortened work hours in FY2019 and more

In order to make a reality the innovation driven by social needs as in the OMRON Principles, it is important that we create a work environment in which employees can have a good work-life balance, and enjoy their work. Looking forward, we will continue to make improvements in work styles.

Other Initiatives


We at OMRON actively promote disease prevention and health improvement through Collabo-health, or joint projects with health insurance societies. Cancer screening* has been introduced to regular health checkups to improve the examination rate. In addition, beginning in fiscal 2022, we introduced a healthcare platform that enables employees to utilize their health examination information and other relevant data to promote effective prevention and health promotion. This has led to improved health behavior, as well as analysis of health data such as health examinations, medical claims data, and employee surveys.

  • *The joint collaborative health project conducts gastric cancer risk screening, prostate cancer screening, and colorectal cancer screening for specific age groups at the same time as regular health checkups.
Cancer screening examination rate

OMRON Group (Overseas) initiatives

In every region, the OMRON Group (overseas) promotes health improvement, providing content to raise health awareness among employees, including events for employees tied to exercise, mental health, nutrition, smoking cessation, and sleep.
In addition, the Group places a high priority on employees' mental health, providing learning content on mental health, setting up counseling offices, providing ergonomic desks and chairs for telecommuters, and other initiatives unique to each area.

Support for Business Partners Initiatives

OMRON holds regular liaison meetings with on-site partner companies to which we outsource services to provide information and exchange opinions on health and productivity management initiatives.
We also invite business partners’ employees to participate in health-related and other events to support their health and productivity management initiatives.

External Evaluation

Selected as a brand for the Health & Productivity Stock

For the fifth consecutive year, OMRON Corporation has been selected as one of the brands jointly selected by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry and the Tokyo Stock Exchange Group, Inc. We received high evaluations in all areas, including management philosophy and policy, organizational structure, implementation of systems, and evaluation and improvement.

In addition, five group companies, including OMRON, were recognized as Outstanding Listed Enterprises Engaged in Health and Productivity Management for 2023 under the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry's system that honors corporations that engage in health and productivity management. OMRON and OMRON Healthcare have been recognized as White 500 companies for the seventh consecutive year, OMRON Expert Link for the third consecutive year, and OMRON Social Solutions for the second consecutive year. In addition, Omron Taiyo was certified in the small- and medium-sized enterprises category for the third consecutive year.

Certified as a Sports Yell Company

OMRON, OMRON Healthcare, and OMRON Expert Link have been recognized by the Sports Agency as Sports Yell Companies for 2023 for their active efforts to implement sports as a means to promote employee health.

Main initiatives for the implementation of sports

The entire Group in Japan has been working to establish exercise habits by promoting opportunities to exercise. These efforts, which have been highly praised and acknowledged, include walking events, exercises before work, online training seminars by outside instructors, and the OMRON Virtual Training with Kyoto Marathon 2023, an exercise event held in conjunction with the Kyoto Marathon, which OMRON is sponsoring.

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