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Environmental Management

Efforts to Address Climate Change


Efforts to Address Climate Change

We believe creating an environmentally sustainable society is consistent with the OMRON Principles of improving lives and contributing to a better society. Therefore, we have pursued activities based on our Green OMRON 2020 environmental vision.

In July 2018, we set goals under our OMRON Carbon Zero project, aiming to eliminate greenhouse gas emissions by the year 2050.*1

Our aim is to eliminate Scope 1 and 2*2 greenhouse gas emissions by the year 2050, based on SBTi*3. As part of our efforts, we intend to reduce emissions by 32% by the year 2030. We are also considering setting target for Scope 3*4 emissions reductions.

Further, we declared our support for TCFD*5 in February 2019. We intend to provide information disclosures in line with TCFD framework.

In addition, as an opportunity to discuss climate-related issues, the OMRON Group is aware of the importance of activities within the industry and trade associations. The Group participates in the Committee on Environment and Safety at Keidanren (Japan Business Federation), and Liaison Group of Japanese Electrical and Electronics Industries for Global Warming Prevention*6, where climate change related policies and latest trends are discussed. The Group makes the most of the discussion into its environmental management measures.

  • *1 See here for more.
  • *2,4 Scope 1: Direct emissions, including those from internal fuel combustion and industrial processes
    Scope 2: Indirect emissions from consumption of purchased electricity, heat, or steam
    Scope 3: Emissions of greenhouse gases across a company’s value chain
  • *3 SBTi: Science Based Targets Initiative International initiative promoting targets for medium- and long-term greenhouse gas emissions reductions based on scientific grounds
  • *5 TCFD: Task Force on Climate-Related Financial Disclosures: Task force on climate-related information disclosure established by the Financial Standards Board in response to requests by the G20 Finance Ministers and Central Bank Governors Meeting
  • *6 Liaison Group of Japanese Electrical and Electronics Industries for Global Warming Prevention: The group of electrical machinery/electronics-related trade associations including the Japan Electrical Manufacturers' Association (JEMA). It supports the government’s national action campaign to prevent global warming, and promotes a number of initiatives, taking the industries’ collective principles into consideration.


Total Greenhouse Gas Emissions (Scope 1 and 2)

  • FY2050: Achieve zero emissions of greenhouse gas
  • FY2030 32% reduction (vs. 2016 levels)

Our Stance

To achieve a carbon-free society, the OMRON Group will strive to reduce CO2 emissions through consistent energy conservation and the use of clean energy. Moreover, the entire Group will promote more efficient manufacturing operations aimed at minimizing energy and resource usage (Eco-Monozukuri).

FY2020 Overview

Year after year, the OMRON Group has been steadily reducing CO2 emissions to achieve its targets, by thoroughly promoting energy conservation and the use of clean energy, making use of the renewable energy.

In fiscal 2020, the Group went beyond the initial target and recorded 50% reduction compared with fiscal 2016 results, as a result of constant efforts in energy conservation and renewable energy introduction, as well as full-fledged operation of solar power generation systems established in 2019.

Efforts to Reduce CO2 Emissions

The OMRON Group has been working on Eco-manufacturing, making the best use of limited resources for sustainable manufacturing.

In fiscal 2020, as Eco-manufacturing initiatives, the Group worked on facility improvement, facility investment, and introduction of optimization equipment to production sites. Examples are as follows.

Facility improvement

The OMRON Group installed fan inverter controls and cooling water controls as energy conservation measures for HVAC (heating, ventilating, air conditioning). For appropriate compressor operations, we revised group control systems, took measures to prevent air leaks, adjusted discharge pressure and other measures. As a result, we reduced electricity usage by 4,866 MWh year on year.

Facility investment

Based on our action plan through fiscal 2020, we have pursued energy conversion (electrification), replacing transformers and upgrading HVAC equipment at each site. As a result, we reduced electricity usage by 2,399 MWh year on year.

In addition, the OMRON Group is working to reduce CO2 in logistics. In Japan, the Group is working to improve transport efficiency by consolidated and shared cargo, as well as introduction of eco-friendly vehicles.
Overseas, in order to realize lower CO2 emissions, we are working to reduce transportation distance and frequency between suppliers and our factories, by changing supply methods of components, and by reviewing minimum order lot for component procurement.

Eco-friendly truck
Eco-friendly truck

Renewable Energy Usage

Twelve sites across Japan, China, the U.S., and Italy now use in-house generated solar power energy. During fiscal 2020, we continued facility investment in renewable energy at each operating site according to the action plan. We conducted new installations at two sites, one in Japan and the other in China. We also expanded installations at two sites in Japan. Our efforts resulted in an estimated power generation capacity of 377 MWh for new installations in fiscal 2020. Further, the annual amount of electricity resulting from in-house power generation during fiscal 2020 was 1,949 MWh.

Also, we are working on centralized electricity purchasing that incorporates internal carbon pricing, procuring renewable energy in the Kansai region of Japan and the Netherlands. The annual purchase of the renewable energy was 64,798 MWh.

Usage of Greenhouse Gas other than Energy-Oriented CO2

The OMRON Group monitors the usage of GHG other than energy-oriented CO2.

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