Environment Toward a transition to carbon-neutral and circular societies,
striving to coexist with nature

Key environmental initiatives for OMRON in SF2030

OMRON believes that the creation of a sustainable society and conservation of the environment are essential to achieve our Corporate Principles, particularly our commitment to contributing to the creation of a better society. Our company is working proactively on issues that affect our society, with a strong focus on climate change and resource recycling. We have positioned the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, the transition to a circular economy, and coexistence with nature as key challenges for our environmental initiatives in 2023, and we will contribute to the creation of a sustainable society and enhance our corporate value by ensuring the effectiveness of our initiatives as well as a robust system for their implementation.

OMRON Long-Term Vision SF2030

Decarbonization, Natural Symbiosis, Circular Economy

Environmental Management

The OMRON Group formulated environmental policies based on the OMRON Principles. We strive to offer solutions to environmental issues

The OMRON Group's environmental initiatives

Transitioning to a Circular Economy

OMRON's efforts to efficiently use the limited resources through circular economy

Coexisting with Nature

As a part of our environmental management, we strive to coexist with nature

Green Procurement

Partnering with suppliers to promote sustainability in supply chains

Examples of environmental initiatives

Environmental Performance Data