Social Toward a society in which all play active roles in their workplaces

Generating diverse talent taking on the challenge of value creation

We at OMRON know that our people are the foundation of our business, and the personal growth of our employees provides the driving force behind innovation and creation. Further acceleration of diversity and inclusion will allow us to attract a diverse range of human resources, and we will implement human resource management policies on a global scale to ensure each individual can achieve their full potential.

OMRON Long-Term Vision SF2030

Respecting human rights in the value chain (Human Rights, Labor, Safety and Health)

Every person involved in OMRON's value chain is able to live and work, safe in the knowledge that their human rights will always be protected. OMRON believes that this is the key to establishing a sustainable foundation for our business and creating a better society. We abide by the United Nations' Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights and have established procedures to identify, prevent, reduce, and rectify negative impacts on human rights throughout the entire value chain. This is how our company fulfills its responsibility to respect human rights.