Environmental Management System

Environmental Management System

Environmental Management System

Adhering to the OMRON Principles, the OMRON Group is striving to enhance its corporate value by addressing social issues and contributing to enrich the lives of people through its businesses.

As for the environmental aspects, the Group provides products and services that can contribute to protect the global environment, while also promoting environmentally conscious business activities.

Chaired by the President & CEO, the Executive Council reports, deliberates, and makes decisions on such matters as the introduction and revisions of environmental management measures and systems to be applied to the entire Group. The Council reports especially important matters to the Board of Directors. In addition, progress of environmental initiatives for the fiscal year, including sustainability goals, are reported at the Council, which are then reported to the Board of Directors. In this way, the Board of Directors monitor and oversee the progress.

ISO 14001-certified Sites

We believe that an environmental management system (EMS) is the best way to engage in PDCA for environmental targets, improvement of environmental performances, prevent pollution, and ensure compliance with environmental laws and regulations. In this context, we pursue ISO 14001 certification.

The OMRON Group Rules stipulate that all OMRON Group production centers must acquire ISO 14001 certification. We aim to have all production centers added through M&A acquire certification within three years.

During fiscal 2022, all of our 26 production centers were covered for the certification, and all continued to be certified, with the percentage of certified production centers remaining at 100%.
We will continue to maintain ISO 14001 certification in the future.

ISO14001 certification: 37 organizations
Center Classification Details Acquisition rate
Japan Overseas
Production centers 26 12 14 100%
Non-production centers 32 30 2
Total 58 42 16

(As of Mar. 31, 2023)

Environmental Evaluation Framework

OMRON strengthens the connectivity between non-financial and financial environmental impacts through our environmental evaluation framework. This framework references environmental assessments of environmental impact and life cycles based on the EU taxonomy, and minimizes negative environmental impacts starting from the product design and development stages. We also identify positive environmental impacts of our products using the life cycle assessment (LCA) and contribute to solving environmental issues and sustainable business growth.

Environmentally Contribution Products

Environmentally contribution products refer to the products and services that help solve the environmental issues faced by our customers. OMRON uses the LCA to assess products with high environmental performance and visualize the added value of these products in a reliable and transparent manner.

Environmentally Conscious Products

Environmentally conscious products refer to products that reduce or mitigate negative environmental impacts and materialities to be addressed during the life cycle of said product. These products must pass the product environmental assessment in the product planning and design stages, ensuring that all new OMRON products are environmentally conscious products.

Product Environmental Assessment Flow

Product Environmental Assessment Flow

Major Product Environmental Assessment Criteria

Limit to use regulated chemical substances specified at OMRON
Energy-saving, such as power consumption and efficiency
Reusability & recyclability

Guidance for the Accounting of Product Carbon Footprint

In order to establish a CO2 data calculation method consistent with international frameworks such as Catena-X, Omron has developed a common PCF calculation guide as a cross-sectoral standard with reference to ISO 14067:2018 and the Pathfinder Framework issued by PACT, organized by the WBCSD. This was developed with the support of Sustainable Management Promotion Organization. In the electronic components business, PCF was calculated based on the guidelines for the G9KB series of high-capacity power relays provided for new energy equipment such as power conditioners and energy storage systems, and calculated data started to be provided to customers upon their request from May 2024.

Product-life Cycle
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