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Human Resource Management

Talent Attraction and Development

OMRON’s policy and initiatives for recruitment and training in conformance with OMRON Principles of “Respect for All”

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Basic Policy

Attracting and developing talent based on "Respect for All"

The OMRON Group's mission is to solve social issues through business as defined in the OMRON Principles. To fulfill this mission, the Groups is working to develop individuals who can lead innovation and demonstrate diverse talents. Based on “Respect for All,” one of Our Values in the OMRON Principles, and a firm belief in human potential, the Group has a basic employee personal development policy to help all Group employees put their capabilities to the fullest for personal growth. Under the policy, the Group provides employees with personal development training, such as rank-specific training and management skill assessment training in Japan, and training for new senior managers on a global level.

The human resources (HR) strategy is one of the key strategies of the OMRON Group's medium-term management plan called “VG2.0”, which covers the four years beginning in fiscal 2017. OMRON has also set its VG2.0 HR goal as “create a strong company in which people can grow, enjoy work, and continuously perform at high standards.”

To fulfill this goal, the OMRON Group is accelerating the implementation of various initiatives, focusing to foster and develop human resources: those who can lead the Group's management and businesses; possess and can demonstrate diverse strengths; can autonomously work on self-transformation and self-growth on his/her own will.

Personnel Fulfillment

Fostering leaders who take on core positions

One of the key measures specified in the VG2.0 medium-term management plan’s HR strategy is to foster leaders who assume core positions. To achieve VG2.0 goals in its four-year period as well as sustainable growth that follows, the OMRON Group plans to foster twice as many leaders (600 people) by fiscal 2020 compared to the number in fiscal 2016 on a global basis. These leaders will assume core positions as candidates for the next-generation management team.

Hiring, developing, and empowering diverse talent

The second key measure specified in the VG2.0 medium-term management plan’s HR strategy is to hire, develop, and empower diverse talent.

To address social issues that are becoming increasingly sophisticated and complex, the Group aims to strengthen and accelerate recruitment and training of talented people who can drive technological innovation, who possess knowledge and skills in new technological areas, and who have acquired advanced skills and expertise in existing areas of technology.

Specifically, starting from the fiscal 2017, the first year of VG2.0, the OMRON Group has been working to proactively hire those with technical skills related to AI, IoT, and robotics that have been positioned as the new technology field, as well as engineers capable of proposing solutions to customers. The Group plans to continue hiring individuals who can lead a high-tech field and focused business areas.

At the same time, the Group has been seeking to establish workstyles and environments in which workers can demonstrate their diverse talent to the fullest.

Personnel Allocation

Optimal personnel allocation at the global level

The OMRON Group promotes assignment of the right persons to the right places within each company, each region, and at the global level. This will drive business growth and empower employees to put their individual capabilities to the fullest use, while also helping them in career development.

With the HR strategy of the VG2020 long-term vision, the upmost focus is on the development and assignment of next-generation leaders to global core management positions. Accordingly, training opportunities are offered on a global basis under the management of OMRON headquarters, along with the speedy assignment of the right persons to the right places.

To facilitate smooth placement of personnel beyond regional or national boundaries, globally common personnel transfer rules have been adopted to ensure fair and equal treatment for dispatched personnel at a new workplace.

Leveraging global human resources to fill global core positions

As the globalization of business is accelerated within the OMRON Group, enhancement of local management is essential. Acknowledging this, the Group believes it is best to have people from a given country or region carry out management practices in that country/region. As such, while implementing the VG2.0 medium-term management plan, the Group is committed to assigning core positions in a specific region to people from that region. In fiscal 2019, the ratio of non-Japanese in managerial positions overseas was 70% to achieve fiscal 2020 goal of 66% one year ahead of schedule. The Group will keep working to outperform the initial target again in fiscal 2020.

Ratio of non-Japanese in managerial positions overseas

Training Programs

Training programs tailored to specific needs of employees

Globally common training programs or those specific to region, company, and business are offered in a way to meet each employee’s abilities and tasks.

With OMRON’s VG2020 long-term vision, the human resources strategy focuses on the following programs to foster human resources capable of taking the lead in the implementation and promotion of the long-term strategy.

1. Aiming to develop global leaders, global training sessions are offered each year. To date, training sessions have taken place in Japan, India, China, and Indonesia, with a cumulative attendance of 107 employees from 11 countries.

2. With "Innovation Driven by Social Needs" being the ultimate goal, various educational opportunities are offered in Japan to directly promote diversity at work. The goal is leveraged by the achieved diversity, and currently 222 female employees have participated in these drives. Managers of participating employees also receive training.

In Japan, a new training session for improving practical management skills has been offered since fiscal 2016. This training is intended to allow candidates for the upcoming management team to learn competences required for management at an early stage and acquire a high level of management skills through hands-on practice. Since fiscal 2016, 225 employees have participated in the training session. With regard to the training and self-education support programs common to all employees at Group companies in Japan, average hours per employee was about two hours a year. From fiscal 2018, mandatory training program (common to all regions worldwide) has been offered to further strengthen our people and organization.

Training and self-education support programs (common to Group companies in Japan) and training programs common worldwide are as follows:

In-house training programs in Japan

Category Objectives Main training courses
Management training Strengthen on-site management capabilities New senior manager training,
training for strengthening problem-solving capabilities
Rank-specific training Understand difference in roles required for each qualification, and obtain awareness, knowledge and skills to fulfill given roles New employee entering training and follow-up training, logical thinking/problem solving training within 3 years after joining OMRON, and to-be general manager training when promoted
Role-specific training Acquire the knowledge and skills required for each work role Supervisors' training, and training before stationed abroad
Assessment training Create diagnosis/development plans for required capabilities Management skill assessment training
Career development support training Encourage employees to take a "self-inventory" and examine their career plans by providing them with the opportunity to review their careers Intermediate career plan training, new career training, second career training, and "new life plan" training.
Core issue training Solve core issues related to business Women's leadership training
Job-specific training Acquire specialized knowledge and skills required to perform tasks according to job category and duty Conducted by head office department and each business company

Personal development support programs in Japan

Program Description
e-Learning and Correspondence courses Employees are reimbursed for half of course fees (subject to upper limit) if they complete the specified correspondence courses
Expensive external courses Employees are reimbursed for half of fees for expensive external courses if they complete the courses costing more than 100,000 JPY (with upper limit). The courses include MBA/MOT courses and foreign language classes that are useful in mid/long-term career building
In-house study sessions In-house study sessions organized by volunteer groups are given free in-house meeting rooms and financial support of up to 10,000 JPY per group for books, documents, and light meals
After-work & weekend seminars Offering seminars on a wide range of themes from business knowledge & skills to mental/physical health promotion, as well as lectures by experts
Incentives for acquiring public qualifications Incentive pay is provided to employees who acquire specified public qualifications

Global common training programs

Program Description
For new employees New employees learn about basics they need to know as OMRON Group employees, such as corporate philosophy, history, basic data, business strategies, compliance and rules
For new senior managers New senior managers learn about what they need to know as OMRON Group senior managers, such as labor management, finance, and rules
For new directors Newly appointed directors learn about what they need to know as OMRON Group board of directors and Group company management, such as labor/ finance management, governance, and audit from management's point of view
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